Tuesday, May 4, 2010

General Information and Installation

SpaceBalls are used in the manufacture of solid wood panel doors.
They easily install into the stiles and rails, with a friction fit,
insuring that they will not fall out during assembly. Once in place
standard door construction is continued.

SpaceBalls keep the door panel centered. No more problems with
unsightly reveal lines if the panel moves during the finishing process.

SpaceBalls will compress and expand. They are made of a rubber material that has a memory, returning to it's original round shape.

SpaceBalls will float and center door panels during seasonal humidity changes.

Insertion Procedure:

For 1/4" SpaceBalls ( Most commonly used )

SpaceBalls need a minimum spacing of 5/32” per side. If you cut
your stiles and crossers, as you would normally do for your panel
doors......then cut your panels 5/32" smaller on all sides, this
will leave the minimum space for proper installation and the SpaceBalls
will be able to expand and contract as needed.

Please Note: If you are using a curved bottom dado slot this spacing
must be increased to a minimum of 7/32 ” on all sides

We recommend 2 balls per side ( possibly 3 if the door is very tall
or wide). The SpaceBalls will be compressed when the door is assembled
and will expand and compress with the movement of the wood.

It is advisable to keep the humidity content of the wood under
consideration when constructing your doors.

Flat Bottom Dado:

Example :if the Rail measures 10 1/2”

the panel should be 10 3/16”

Curved Bottom Dado:

Example: if the Rail measures 9"

the panel should be 8 9/16”

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