Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EZBall Insertion Gun

Install "Spaceballs" quickly and with ease ...

The EZBall Insertion Gun will make quick work of installing "Spaceballs " 
into the stiles and rails of any cabinet panel door style.  No more stopping 
to grab a handful and insert by hand .... grab that lite-weight insertion gun and 
in no time .... "Spaceballs" are in place and you are ready to complete the 
door assembly. 

The EZBall Insertion Gun will make all the difference ... saving time, labour dollars
and frustration.  

Easy to use .... fill the reservoir 3/4 full with "Spaceballs", add a tsp of industrial talc,
connect the airline and you are ready to go. Slight adjustments maybe needed to 
adjust  to the size of "Spaceball" in use.  We do adjust that for you at time of purchase,
but if you use different sizes of "Spaceballs", the EZBall Insertion Gun will have to be 
adjusted.  Can't be easier ! 

The EZBall gun is light weight and easy on the wrist

Currently available for $ 330 Cdn.

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